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Illinois Certificate of Title Bonds

What is an Illinois Certificate of Title Bond?

A Surety Bond for Certificate of Title (also known as a Title Bond, or Bonded Title) is typically required in Illinois in order to legally transfer ownership and register a vehicle when the original title has been lost, stolen or is missing. Illinois title bond amounts must be 1.5 times the vehicle’s appraised value. The Secretary of State will provide the exact bond amount required. You will need this amount in order to request your bond.

Get Your Illinois Title Bond

Certificate of Title Bond
$10,000 or Less

Bonds up to $10,000

3-Year Bond

Certificate of Title Bond
$10,001 to $50,000

Bonds over $10,000 up to $50,000

3-Year Bond Starts at $100.00
1.0% of the Bond Amount

Certificate of Title Bond
over $50,000

Bonds over $50,000

3-Year Bond

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