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Florida Bonded Title / Certificate of Title Bonds

What is a Florida Certificate of Title Surety Bond?

A Title Bond (also known as a Bonded Title, Certificate of Title Bond, Defective Title Bond) are surety bonds that allow a vehicle owner to claim ownership and register the vehicle with the state of Florida when a title has been lost, stolen or is missing. This type of surety bond protects against items such as undisclosed security interests or cases where a duplicate title has been issued. Title Bonds are issued for 3 years in Florida. Title Bonds in Florida must be requested in an amount equal to 2 times the appraised value of the vehicle. The state of Florida suggests using Kelly Blue Book or NADA to appraise your vehicle. You will need this amount in order to request your bond pricing.

Get Your Florida Title Bond

Certificate of Title Bond
$6,500 or Less

Bonds up to $6,500

3-Year Bond

Certificate of Title Bond
$6,501 to $50,000

Bonds over $6,500 up to $50,000

3-Year Bond Starts at $115.00
1.5% of the Bond Amount

Certificate of Title Bond
over $50,000

Bonds over $50,000

3-Year Bond

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