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Colorado Auctioneer Bond

Colorado Auctioneer Bond Information

The Auctioneer Bond is required by the City and County of Denver to ensure that the bonded principal will faithfully comply with all the requirements of Chapter 9 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code. The bond guarantees that principal pays all fines, penalties, and costs that may be adjudged against it for the violation of the terms of Section 9 of the Revised Municipal Code. The surety bond also indemnifies against damages to any person injured by any violation of the Section 9, or by a fraudulent or negligent act on the part of the principal (including agents or employees) arising from any offer to sell by auction, whether acting by virtue of a permit to sell jewelry by auction or otherwise.

Colorado Auctioneer Bond Prices - Buy Online

Auctioneer Bond - City and County of Denver

$2,000 Bond

Expires 12/31

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