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Release of Lien Bonds

Release of Lien Bond Information

A Release of Lien Bond is required to discharge liens against property. A lien may be filed by a third party such as a supplier or subcontractor who is involved in a construction project. Thus, the bond may be required of the general contractor obligated to pay these parties. Ownership of real estate cannot be transferred unless the property is free of liens or a Release of Lien Bond has been filed. The bond protects the party who filed the lien against the property and guarantees payment will be made to this party.

How much does a Release of Lien Bond Cost?

Release of Lien Bond prices vary based on the bond amount and the applicant. Most bonds are priced starting from 0.5-1% of the bond amount. Request a free, no-obligation quote and one of our bond specialists will look at your specific circumstances.

It is important to note that court bonds always require that collateral is posted in advance in the amount equal to 100% of the bond obligation. The collateral must be in the form of cash, or cash equivalent and is in addition to the premium charged for the bond.

We cannot complete your request without evidence of a cashier's check or a bank letter.

The court should already have provided you with a formal request for a bond and a specific bond amount.

Please arrange collateral before requesting a quote.

If you'd prefer to speak with one of our bond specialists, please call us at 1-800-608-9950. We can help guide you through the bonding process and identify the lowest cost in the market for your situation.