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Digital Marketing Specialist

Overview for Digital Marketing Specialist

We're looking for a lot from this position... do you have it? Maybe you're an agency cat who has gotten sick of the drama and you're ready to be in-house helping to build a great company? Maybe you're used to the inside life at a large company and feel detached... you want to get back to a more hands-on entrepreneurial environment? Whatever your story, if you're hungry and have got the skills to get stuff done, tell us about it.

We understand that you will have some, but probably not all of these core marketing skills, and that's no problem: we're looking for someone with crazy skills, but we aren't looking for a unicorn (note: unicorns are also welcome to apply).

Requirements for your cover letter

We want (er... need) you to tell us, in rank order, where you are strongest and what experience/skills you have in the areas below. For example, you may say that you are strongest in Paid Search Advertising and weakest in Organic Search / Content Development with Marketing Analytics and Graphic Design somewhere in between, so you're 1, 3, 4, 2... then tell us why you're so strong in #1 and explain your experience. Want to expand on your skills and tell us some info for your #2 and #3... go for it!

Applicants without a cover letter specifically ranking these 4 items in your order (rank order means there are no ties) with additional explanation of at least your top area will be immediately discarded.


1. Paid Search Advertising

  • Hands-on experience with Google Ads and Bing Ads: campaign management, bid strategy, keyword research, and performance analysis
  • New campaign creation and ongoing optimization, testing, and analytics for dozens of national campaigns and thousands of keywords in a highly competitive vertical
  • Additional paid channel management (display, Facebook, Twitter...)

2. Organic Search / Content Development

  • Content development, editing, and placement/outreach to win valuable backlinks
  • Technical optimization, site structure, and best practices including all Google Search Console feedback
  • Social media management to leverage content fully and generate meaningful engagement and backlinks

3. Marketing Analytics

  • Google Analytics (or equivalent) with experience in segmentation, cross-device tracking
  • A/B test design, implementation, and analysis
  • Excel (and/or SQL, Data Studio, etc.) data mashups to combine data from multiple sources

4. Graphic and Visual Design

  • Website design and ongoing improvements including typesetting, iconography, and other visual design
  • Interface design, usability, information architecture, and e-commerce best practices
  • Postcard, email, brochure, and social graphics to support marketing efforts and business as a whole


What About the Culture at Surety Bonds Direct?

The culture here is a bit like the tone of this job posting: try to have some fun and it’s OK to sometimes be a bit silly, but always hold yourself, your colleagues, and the team as a whole to high expectations.

  • We're a fast-growing insurance technology company and even though insurance is our core business, we act more like a tech company
  • Our clothes are casual and relaxed.
  • Our work ethic is highly professional.
  • We are proud members and residents of Charleston Digital Corridor.
  • We appreciate ambitious, results-driven self-starters who can maintain a fast pace.
  • Micro-managing is lame so everyone is expected to take responsibility for their role and contributions to the team.
  • Conversations not related to work are strongly encouraged.
  • We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we take our customer service very seriously.


What is Surety Bonds Direct?

We're bringing the surety sector of the insurance industry into the modern age with our proprietary bond management software. We've dedicated a lot of time and resources to build the most robust site for surety bond information and we have the back-end software to optimize the process and deliver our customers high quality bonds efficiently. Surety bonds are a ‘niche’ in the insurance industry… a $5+ billion niche!

That's where you come in: our company is ready to expand our footprint and we're looking for the right person to join us. We don’t expect that you’ll know anything about surety bonds and we’d be surprised if you know much about the insurance industry at all, but that’s fine. If you're looking for a small, aggressive company with experienced founders where you'll learn a lot and be a key part of the growth, let's talk!


Charleston, SC

Sorry, relocation expense reimbursement cannot be provided.

No phone calls please.

At this time, we're not working with any recruiters. We'll update the posting if this should change.